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MASK is also known as Mobile Art School in Kenya

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About MASK



MASK is an ogranisation that puts the 21st century education into actiion.



We provide young people with training for creativity and innovation to improve their employability, entrepreneurial and leadership skills.



In the 21st century, creativity is the skill that separates people who are prepared for increasingly complex life and work environments and those who are not.



MASK has developed and implements innovative and effective 'creativity for economic sustainability' programmes, both local and national.



Our ex-students become successful professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, and even a patent-registering scientist. Read our success stories




Creativity - is the ability to identify problems and generate innovative and resourceful solutions. This ability is rooted in two key capacities: visualisation and connecting knowledge across a wide range of disciplines. Creativity equals to intellect such as adaptivity, flexibility and resilience; good work ethics such as initiative and effectiveness; teamwork and collaboration, including effective communication, and to the change-bringing leadership. Creativity develops highly positive values and attitudes that shape character and affect decisions and actions. Learn more






Hiring employees with the creative skill is a priority for employers, according to business surveys. 75-80% of employers report difficulty recruiting creative employees which threatens their companies' growth.


Many schools fail to foster creativity of its students, lacking experience and expertise. Some educators still think that creativity cannot be taught 'directly' or it is linked to IQ. As result, only 4-22% school and college leavers display 'excellent' creative skill. Young people lacking creativity fail as entrepreneurs and leaders.


Not adequately preparing people for the world where creativity is a critical skill impedes their opportunities and hampers socio-economic transformation of society.





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MASK is UK registered charity 1128734

Member of the UK Fundraising Standards Board