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MASK puts the 21st century education into action:


We strengthen creativity and innovation of young people

to improve their employment opportunities and leadership.



Creativity and innovation - is the ability to solve problems 'outside the box'.

Creativity is key to successfully negotiating the rapid changes of the 21st century.


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MASK's Creativity Clubs strengthen creativity and teach to apply creativity in real-lofe. Every school should have Creativity Club.


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The MASK Prize catalyzes and celebrates creativity and innovation of young Africans.





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Creativity is what separates those who are prepared for the rapidly changing work and life environment in the 21st century and those who are not.




Leveraging creativity is at the heart of a robust economic growth. Innovation is now as important as infrastructure, skills and markets (2017 World Economic Forum). Creativity is now a top skill sought by employees; academic qualifications are no longer enough. A nation's success depends on people that are creative.


Creativity is determined by education. How effectively education institutions foster creativity is now the core of the debate on the relationship between education and economic growth. (2016 World Economic Forum)


Yet, in many regions education for creativity remains elusive. According to leading business surveys, school and college students are 'deficient' in creativity; 75-80% of business leaders say the shortage of creative employees threatens their companies' growth and even survival.


When starting in 2007, MASK's concept of 'empowering young people for economic sustainability through creativity training in schools'' was pioneering. In 2017, the Kenya Basic Education Curriculum Reform made creativity "a core competence" of education.


"MASK developed my habit for innovating. Since I left school, while studying chemistry in college, I invented a new drug, and for my creative problem-solving skill I am enjoying now a real success in my big job in Nairobi." Hellen, MASK ex-student


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