About MASK



What teachers say about MASK::


  • Practising in MASK clubs children discovered their hidden talents.
  • MASK workshops stimulate children’s creativity.
  • Now they can paint and draw, the children can express their feelings.
  • They can use art in other subjects.
  • Art can promote peace and bring social changes and bring multi-cultural cohesion.



What our students say about MASK:



  • Creative people look at the world in a different way. This should be nurtured from the beginning as we, MASK members, do. James Karenjo Ndungu, 18


  • The MASK workshops make me so happy. Creativity can enable Kenyans to conserve environment and to maintain peace. I have learnt to communicate ideas. Naftary Maina, 14


  • MASK Creativity Club has moulded us to be responsible people. Also, the Club has already exposed us to deep our brains' thinking. Julius Kipleting Kihenja, 19


  • Creativity is the way people use their thinking. It was very hard for people including my family to believe and support me in learning creativity. they think its art and it is idle. It was so until our director Madam Alla came and supported me and my friends. She has taken a big part in helping us with developing our creativity.; I hearty congratulate her. It is our hope to ensure that creativity will be known and considered as any other important activity. Irungu James Kuiyg’u, 17


  • Creativity is activity that improve your skills. In workshops we join with others and join our ideas, hoping that creativity can develop our country. I have learnt imaginary thinking. Grace Muchiki, 18


  • Creativity is education which involves drawing, painting, knitting, jewellery, singing, etc. Creativity can help to educate communities. Peter Kimani, 16


  • Since I started participating in MASK clubs, I have improved my ability of expressing my thoughts. Paul Mjau, 15


  • The MASK workshops help me to associate with other people. Evans Ngangia, 14


  • The MASK workshops help me to express ideas though art . My desire is to study engineering and also continue with art because art can take me to my destination. Benson Kinyantui, 15


  • MASK workshops has strengthened my talents and I can express my ideas and feelings to the community. Assumpta Wangui, 16


  • I love MASK’s clubs. I discovered my talents and I am very proud. Hard work pays! I know one day one time it will help me to earn my living. May God choose me to be the MASK’s facilitator. John Nduati, 15


  • Making art is one of my favourite work. I like it because through it culture and heritage has been maintained for all ethnic tribes. Also, art has become a source of living to those who usually takes it serious, for example The Kenyan artist, Kivuthi Mbuno. Finally, art has contributed to the growth of economy. Kenya, being one of the developing countries, can greatly benefit from art because visitors who come from far for art. Patrick Mwaura, 20


  • Why do I like Art? It helps me think outside the box and keeps my mind, spirit and emotions always busy. It gives me a chance to enjoy good exposure to different cool and beautiful new things. One day one time it will take me somewhere in my lifetime, possibly to the international levels. I wish to be educated. I feel art is hard-working and discipline-centered developer. Joel Gatua, 18



What others say about MASK:



"Dear Alla, we deeply thank you for putting the effort to showcase the MASK paintings at the Forum. You and Joel put an important issue on the agenda in terms of the importance of creativity and art in education. It was also great to see how Joel interacted with policymakers and academics to get his point heard." Policy Forum Organizing Committee, UNESCO, International Institute of Educational Planning (IIEP).



"Hi Alla, I want to tell you that your efforts are not in vain. These children will live to tell how their works ‘spoke’ to other children in the world", Jennifer Wambugu, Head of Creative Arts at the Kenya Institute of Education.



"Dear Alla, It was wonderful to have you here in Washington! I had a chance to visit the exhibition at Woodrow Wilson Center. Very nice indeed. Congratulations." The Ambassador Elkanah Odembo, Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Washington DC.



"We are happy to associate ourselves with the Mobile Art School in Kenya and its founders. This programme is the first of its kind in this country. Though the Ministry of Education has some small allocation for art in schools, the schools hardly utilize these facilities preferring to concentrate only on the examinable subjects. We hope that this programme can be extended to most parts of the country." Francis Apollos, Executive Director, Center for Conflict Resolution - Kenya, NGO.



Before the advent of the artist,

MASK was unknown to us.

We were like lost strangers

In trackless plains.

Though we had something

We could tell the world,

How could we have told it from

The wilderness?

But like John the Baptist,

MASK came to prepare the

Way for us.

This is a light that lights the way of the


And us, the lamps which we are now

Lit, never to be kept under.

By MASK, our hilltop,

We shall tour the whole world,

And to the world, we shall

Whisper what we know,

Because soft words win hard hearts.

(By MASK pupils, 2008)

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