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Creativity in Business


NEXT: Investing in creativity for a better Kenya. Private Sector Magazine of KEPSA, issue 14, September-October 2017



Creativity in business is at the heart of economic growth.

RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, UK) Publications, 31 May 2017



Creativity in business



Creative human capital, the driver of economic growth

January-March 2017, Issue 12, Private Sector Magazine of KEPSA



Business-schools partnership for productivity

October-December 2016, Issue 11, Private Sector Magazine of KEPSA



Managing innovation for corporate growth

pages 24-25, July-September 2016, Issue 10, Private Sector Magazine of KEPSA



Leading innovation

pages 34-35, April-June 2016, Issue 9, Private Sector Magazine of KEPSA



Creative readiness of Kenyan workforce

pages 16-17, January-March 2016, Issue 8, Private Sector Magazine of KEPSA



Innovation the driver of prosperity

pages 52-54, July-September 2015, Issue 6, Private Sector Magazine of KEPSA




To succeed firms must innovate, not immitate

The Standard, (Kenya)

17 October 2014






Creativity is what separates those who are prepared for the rapidly changing work and life environment and those who are not.





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