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Creative leaders

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Mar. 17, 2018, The Star, Kenya


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Creativity and Society



MASK Prize seeks partners to invest in creativity of young Africans

Aug. 12, 2017



Nations are defined by creative people



Creative leadership for growth and prosperity



Invest in creativity for a better Kenya



We need politicians that are creative. 'How creative we you?'' Questioner



Do parents kill their children's creativity?



Creativity and bureacracy



Those lacking creativity are tomorrow's illiterate



Future-ready education



Innovation culture starts with young people



Change demands creative leaders



Inspiring creativity of young Africans



Creative people adapt the world to themselves



Creativity, productivity and prosperity



Teaching artists: bridges to creativity



Creativity is peace



Creativity and democracy



Creativity and leadership



Creativity and employment



Creativity and social inequality



Not on bread alone



MASK: education for creativity, AD Magazine of NSEAD, issue 13, May 2015



Creativity Education for Social Transformation UNESCO IIEP Policy Forum, 2012, video



MASK: impact of art education on development. Independent report, Brittany Glenn, University of London, 2011



Creativity and innovation: key to development

UNESCO KNC, Seoul, 2014, page 89



The MASK Prize

US Library of Congress, June 2014, webcast


Mobile Art School in Kenya US Library of Congress, April 2013, webcast

Creativity and Business




Creative human capital, the driver of economic growth

January-March 2017, Issue 12, Private Sector Magazine of KEPSA




Business-schools partnership for productivity

October-December 2016, Issue 11, Private Sector Magazine of KEPSA




Managing innovation for corporate growth

pages 24-25, July-September 2016, Issue 10, Private Sector Magazine of KEPSA




Leading innovation

pages 34-35, April-June 2016, Issue 9, Private Sector Magazine of KEPSA



Creative readiness of Kenyan workforce

pages 16-17, January-March 2016, Issue 8, Private Sector Magazine of KEPSA



Innovation the driver of prosperity

pages 52-54, July-September 2015, Issue 6, Private Sector Magazine of KEPSA




To succeed firms must innovate, not immitate

The Standard, (Kenya)

17 October 2014




Change demands creative leaders



MASK Prize: inspiring creativity of young Africans



Successful businesses invest in creativity



Creative people adapt the world to themselves



Creativity, productivity and prosperity



Art-innovation: make the connection!



Creativity and entrepreneurship



Art of new ideas



To be successful, be creative



Creativity and failure



Creativity and opinions



Big pictures, small detail



Creativity and entrepreneurs



Master of combinations



Creativity is what separates those who are prepared for the 21st century and those who are not.

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