Creativity for a Better Future


01 We believe

'Creativity and innovation' - is the human ability to generate transformative solutions, imagine alternatives and mastermind breakthrough. It is the source of powerful intellect, inspirational leadership and successful enterprise. Creative people transform lives and shape the future. Education for creativity for all, therefore, must be the priority of 21 century education.

02 We are a platform

MASK is a platform where young people can explore and energise their creativity and innovation in a safe and supportive environment. Where they can nurture their visions for a better future and push the boundaries of their artistic and social imaginations. And where their voices are amplified and creativity rewarded.

03 We are a movement

MASK is a movement.  It unleashes collective creativity. It is a collective of creative minds, together, can influence the long-term course of society and redefine social, economic and cultural progress. Opened to everyone, but most importantly to the disconnected youth, our movement unites the young to take charge of their destinies and consider how they could, together, bring practical change locally, nationally and globally.

04 We are a system

MASK is a system, a system that our society needs as a matter of urgency. It helps young people generate transformative solutions to provoke new possibilities and break new grounds. And it feeds those solutions to business and policy community. To liberate the positive forces of young people. To reconnect them with the world at large. To foster a powerful sense of purpose and potential.

05 We are a philosophy

Creativity is visual cognition. It is understood, discovered, taught and learned through the arts. We commit to practice the arts from an early age and throughout our lives. And endeavour to engage with the community through our exhibitions and publications to promote awareness and change perception and policy.

Image is by MASK creative talent Cynthia Ngunjiri, Kenya

Creativity for a Better Future

MASK is a UK registered charitable company No 1128734

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