Creativity for a Better Future

Creativity education

is the priority of 21 century learning.


We develop Creaivity Education Model, teaching resources, and a teacher-training framework.


We deliver training to students through Creativity Clubs and MASK Awards and educators.


What we do

Creativity. Innovation. These empowering skills unlock the next generation's potential to build a better future.

MASK is a visionary non-profit. We promote creativity in young people and unleash their socio-economic potential. We transform imagination into creativity, creativity into innovation, and innovation into success.

Learn more about our goals and methodology in our Theory of Change and Manifesto.


We connect our students to companies for employment opportunities. 


We change perception & policy through exhibitions and publications. 


Why we do it

Creative people transform lives and shape the future. By expanding their creative capacity today we ensure our better tomorrow.

“Survival in 21 century will be difficult and without creativity is not possible.” - Dr Manu Chandaria OBE, a MASK supporter.

Creativity withers if it is not nurtured from an early age. Not all schools stimulate creativity.  

Companies struggle to recruit employees that can innovate, yet seldom support creativity education programmes in schools - where it matters most.


Not all communities facilitate young people reaching their creative potential. Not all policymakers understand creativity, its nature and outcomes.


What we have achieved

"MASK developed my habit for innovation."

"MASK empowered me beyond my dreams."

"MASK is a game-changer for my creative occupation."

"MASK is the driver of change in our society."

"MASK's impact is widespread."


Read Our Story and MASK Stories.

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Our team

MASK is led and supported by the team of the creative and dedicated individuals and organisations.

Images on this page are by MASK creative talent: Lewis Maina, Eva Chemngorem,

Staice Shitanda, Isaac Mokua, Jesie Otumba, Melissa Joe, Yona Mudibo

Creativity for a Better Future

MASK is a UK registered charitable company No 1128734

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