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MASK has accumulated significant expertise and experience through our programs that include Creativity Clubs in primary schools, Creativity for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Clubs (CEL), and the internationally renown creativity platform MASK Prize.  MASK also ran Creativity for Peacebuilding and Creativity Summer Camp


Creativity for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Clubs (CEL)

CEL meet 1-2 times a week, for sessions that generally last 1-1.5 hours. CEL seeks to unlock entrepreneurial and leadership skills, help students to view entrepreneurship as a possible career option, and make them more work-ready when they leave school.

By solving real-life problems, CEL students learn to cope with all aspects of the innovation process.


  • Work-ready. Companies now seek employees that are creative. Members of the Confederation of British Industry report that “first and foremost” they need creative employees (Education and skills survey, Confederation of British Industry, 2016). Young people with only five hours of creativity training increase their employability fivefold (Edward De Bono, Why so stupid?, Blackhall, 2003).
  • Entrepreneurial skills. Nine out of 10 startups fail. Poor problem-solving skill, which relies on creativity, is one of the key reasons for this lack of success (E. Griffin, “Why startups fail,” Fortune Magazine, September 2014 4 IBM CEO survey, 2010). CEL students learn about the nature of entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs differ from traditional business people.
  • Leadership skills. Creativity is the most important leadership quality, according to 1,500 business executives from 60 countries and 33 industries surveyed by IBM (IBM CEO survey, 2010). The old “command and control” style gives way to leadership that knows how to spark and lead innovation.

MASK Prize

MASK Prize, is a pan-African creativity competition with prizes dedicated to igniting and celebrating the creativity and innovation of young Africans. Participants enter their artworks and entrepreneurial ideas online.  The most creative work is acknowledged at the annual Award Ceremony in Nairobi. It also acknowledges business leaders who support creativity in Africa and best teachers that strengthen creativity of young people.

In its 8th year, MASK Prize has been a real triumph. It directly engages young people across Africa increasing the public visibility of creativity and art. It received more than 8,500 entries that were viewed by more than 650,000 people at exhibitions in Kenya, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.

“An absolute game-changer for my creative occupation” and “the driver of change in our society,” says about MASK Prize its participants.

MASK Prize has been supported by the Kenyan government, leading African media houses and international donors. The program hopes to benefit even more young people both in Africa and beyond and seeks partners.  If you are a media company, business or an aid agency and wish to support MASK Prize, please contact us for a discussion.

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What is Creativity?

Understanding creativity as visual thinking can have a profound effect on

education and therefore our future

MASK Education Model

The MASK educational model has been successfull and can be easily scaled up

Learning Activities

A skilled facilitator is essential to creativity learning


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