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Turner Contemporary Gallery, 25 May 2017

Creative Leadership for growth and prosperity, The Star, 15 July 2017

Creativity in business is at the heart of economic growth. RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, UK) Publications, 31 May 2017


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'The MASK Prize: Creativity breeds success', article, The  Star, 2 July 2016

'Art made me into an innovative scientist,  entrepreneur and a leader', article, The Star,  11 June 2016

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'Young creative and innovative', blog by Wendi Mutisya

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Saatchi Gallery :


Art Attack:

The 2015 MASK Prize opens in London, The Star, 17 December 2015

"Innovation id the key  driver to prosperity"  article in Private Sector  Magazine of KEPSA  (Kenya), page 53, by Alla Tkachuk 

"The 2015 MASK PRIZE  unveiled the winners", The Star, 28 May 2015

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'Creativity and Innovation: a key to Culture and Development' , Report (page 89) of the   UNESCO's (KNC) "Culture and Developemnt"

US Library of Congress, June 2014, 'MASK Art Prize 2014' webcast

Weekly column 'How to Look at Art' by MASK Founder Alla Tkachuk, The Star, Kenya

  "Innovate, don't imitate", 17 October, The Standard, Kenya

The 2014 MASK PRIZE at the Saatchi Gallery in London:

Artwork pulls crowds at London show, 27 September 2014,  Saturday Nation,  Kenya

The MASK PRIZE opens in London,  9 September 2014, The  Star, Kenya

MASK awards to promote creativity in rural schools, May 31 2014, The Business Daily Nation

MASK nurtures creativity and innovation in young people, 29 May 2014, The Star, Kenya

Award Ceremony of the 2014 MASK PRIZE, 28 May, 2014. The Star, Kenya


The President and Mrs Obama letter to MASK

'Bringing Art to Kenyan Youth', Ndege News, September 2013

'The Work of Young Kenyans Displayed at London's Saatchi Gallery', The Star, Kenya, 21 September 2012

Mobile Art School in Kenya helps young people to develop their creative potential, Kensington & Chelsea Today, UK, 28 August, 2013

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MASK profiled on the US Center for Education Innovations (CEI), 2013

Kiss 100 FM Kenya, Caroline Mutoko show, 29 January 2013


'MASK brings hope to youngsters in Kenya', 11 December 2012,, UK

MASK presenting its programme at UNESCO IIEP Policy Forum, UNESCO HQ, Paris, 16-18 October 2012


Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars (WWC), Washington DC, 2012

'Education for Creativity in Africa'.  Poster.  Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars (WWC), Washington DC, 2012


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Kenyan Embassy in Paris, 2010

MASK's major exhibition at the RaMOMA (Rahimtulla Museum of Modern Art) in Nairobi, Kenya, 2010

MASK's show at the Saatchi Gallery in London, 2010

MASK's “Art Education in Kenya” conference, organised together with SOAS and IOE (Institute of Education, University of London)


UNESCO IIEP in Paris, 2009


MASK's “Year After the Conflict” book.

Reportage about MASK shown in the weekly youth programme, 'Str8up', on KTN (Kenyan Television Station), Nairobi, January 2008

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