MASK Awards 2022

School of the Future

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The brief

Current education system has not kept pace with global changes and are not fit for purpose in modern society. Put in place over a century ago, it still teaches young people to become obedient

‘workers’ and perform repetitive tasks, rather than independent ‘thinkers’ who are able to generate original solutions.

Can you re-imagine a new type of education - a new type of school - that empowers young people for the life in the 21 century?

To imagine your School of the Future, first imagine what that future will look like. What technology will we have? How would it change the way we live and work? What problems might arise? What jobs and professions would we need in 20-50 years? Think of bigger things too. For example, how will we measure success in the future? By wealth or how innovative we are? Will we wish to be organised by governments, or chose to be self-organised?

In less than 600 words, describe your ideal ‘School of the Future’. If you wish, add pictures and videos to help our judges visualise your school (by entering them into Art Awards). 

Remember, with creative thinking there is no idea that is ‘too wild’, ‘absurd’, or ‘impossible’. Imagine. Be brave. Dream big. Push boundaries.

Judging criteria

Our panel of Jury will evaluate how creative and innovative - new, original and groundbreaking -  your solutions are. 

Here are the questions that can help you imagine your School of the Future.

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