Why participate in

MASK Awards?

The benefits of participating in MASK Awards

Are you a young African looking for an opportunity to develop or showcase your talents? Are you unsure of how to utilise their creativity and innovation and take the first steps towards their dream future?

Perhaps you have a passion for design, an artistic flare. Or an original business or social leadership idea that you would like to share? 

Or you are a school that is proud of creativity-building of its pupils and students?

If so, then MASK Awards is for you!

Over the last 9 years, MASK Awards provided many schools and young people like you with the opportunities and confidence to unlock their creative potential.

And you could be next!  Here are just some of the reasons why you should submit your work to us today:

  • Get your name out there by reaching global audiences of over 650,000 people
  • Grab exciting and career-launching rewards, including cash prizes and paid internships
  • Explore your imagination in safe and supporting environment: your ideas will not the subject of ridicule. In fact, the more provocative they are the better.
  • Get a potential employment opportunity. We connect our best talent with employers who seek creatively minded people like you to engage and employ.
  • Channel your entrepreneurial mind into the corporate space. Your ideas can be fed back into the business or policy community.
  • Become a part of our collective creative community.Together we can bring real change.