Creativity for a Better Future

How participating in

MASK Awards can help you

Today, companies all over the world seek creatively minded young people to engage and employ. Yet, many education systems, families and communities do not stimulate your creativity and innovation.

At MASK Awards you can:

  • Explore and energise your creativity and innovation in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Be celebrated and rewarded for your creativity.

  • Push the boundaries of your artistic and social imagination and develop your transformative ideas and solutions that provoke new possibilities and break new grounds.

  • Amplify your voices. With MASK Awards' global audiences of over 650,000 people you can showcase your talents to the world.

  • Foster a powerful sense of purpose and potential. Liberate your positive forces and reconnect them with the society at large. The most transformative solutions will be feed back to business and policy community.

  • Become part of a collective creativity. Only together a collective of creative minds can influence the long-term course of society and redefine social, economic and cultural progress.

  • Take charge of your destiny and consider how you can bring practical change locally, nationally and globally.

Creativity for a Better Future

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