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Art Awards

The Brief

Did you know that all highly creative people - be it artists, scientists or entrepreneurs - think in images? This is called visual cognition. The better we are at visual cognition, the more creative we are. The more creative we are the better we are at solving problems in real life. 

Art is the homeground to visual cognition. Art more than any other subject enables us to imagine, invent and innovate. It teaches us how to process complex visual information and transform it into new identities. 

MASK Art Awards celebrate your artistic creativity - your ability to think in images!  Enter your best works of art for any of the following categories and medium:

  • Painting, drawing, collage, print and graffiti
  • Sculpture and installations
  • Digital art and graphic design
  • Photography, film, video and animation
  • Architecture, fashion and furniture design
  • Advertising
  • Poetry
  • Performance art and happenings

Judging criteria

Your art will be judged on its creativity and innovation. That is - how original, new, inventive, and groundbreaking it is.

All entries will be reviewed by our panel of Jury.

The following questions can guide your thinking about your work:

1. Ideas your artwork expresses 

Every picture has meaning. It is a statement about the world around you. And every subject in an artwork represents a set of ideas. Compared to traditional art, contemporary art (art produced by artists today) is about creative thinking and ideas, not just manual/technical skills of an artist.

Judges will assess:

  • What is the idea your artwork tries to get across?
  • And how successfully - how emotionally powerful - does the image represent this ideas?

    2. Visual language/expression

    Highly creative artists use all sorts of methods and materials to get their ideas across. By doing so, they often challenge traditional beliefs and break conventions. This practice is priceless to our society as it drives cultural and intellectual thought forward.

    Judges will assess:

    • How original is your visual language - the structures, symbols, shapes, colours, or metaphors that you use?
    • How original is your techniques, textures and materials?
    • What is the overall aesthetics of your art - how does it look and feel?

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      Enter your solution now. 

      Think differently. Imagine possibilities. Do not hold back or criticise your artworks and ideas.

      Dream big. Be brave. Push boundaries. Remember, with creative thinking there is no idea or artwork that is ‘too wild’, ‘absurd’, or ‘impossible’.

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      The prizes

      Winners will be:

      • Awarded with cash prizes.

      • Given their own art gallery space on our online MASK Art Gallery.

      • Exhibited in our national and international exhibitions.

      Creativity and innovation for a Better Future

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