Learn about creativity and innovation

Any great work of art has at least ten meanings

Artists use heat and geometry as medium to get their ideas across

The Star, Kenya

Feb 2019

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These articles featured in the Kenya's national newspaper The Star unless specified otherwise.

Creativity and Business

Creative human capital, the driver of economic growth

Jan-Mar 2017, Issue 12, Private Sector Magazine, KEPSA

Business-schools partnership for productivity

Oct-Dec 2016, Issue 11, Private Sector Magazine,  KEPSA 

Managing innovation for corporate growth

pages 24-25, Jul-Sep 2016, Issue 10, Private Sector Magazine, KEPSA

Leading innovation

pages 34-35, Apr-Jun 2016, Issue 9, Private Sector Magazine, KEPSA

Creative readiness of

the Kenyan workforce

  pages 16-17, Jan-Mar 2016, Issue 8, Private Sector Magazine, KEPSA  

Innovation the driver of prosperity

pages 52-54,  Jul-Sep 2015, Issue 6, Private Sector Magazine, KEPSA  

To succeed firms must innovate, not immitate

The Standard, (Kenya)

17 Oct 2014

Successful businesses

invest in creativity

14 Jan 2017

Art of new ideas

23 Jul 2016

Big pictures, small detail

14 Jan 2016

Creativity and entrepreneurs

24 Dec 2015

Art and creativity for entrepreneurship: are you ready to be entrepreneur?

24 Sept 2016

Theaster Gates. Artist offers new economic model

7 Jan 2016

Creativity: new economic model

30 Sep 2017

Art, creativity and failure

28 Jan 2016

Artists have strong opinions

21 Jan 2016

Is creativity the path to prosperity in Afica?

26 Nov 2016

Change demands

creative leaders

21 Jan 2017

Art, creativity and leadership

10 Sept 2016

Creative leadership for growth and prosperity

15 Jul 2017

Creative people adapt the world to themselves

10 Dec 2016

Creativity for a Better Future

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