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Enrol on our training and gain a powerful skill which modern employers consider a top priority. You will expand your creative thinking ability, learning to generate breakthrough ideas ‘at will’ and ‘on demand’. And strengthen your capacity to innovate – to apply creativity in practice solving real life problems and challenges.

MASK is the winner of "Most Innovative Learning Organisation 2020" of the Greater London Enterprise Awards.

Creativity for Entrepreneurship & Leadership (CEL) course


Upon completion of this course you will receive our certificate which will qualify you to join our Creative Workforce Placement programme that aims to place you into a paid internship at a leading company.

The CEL course is currently only deleiverd online and comprises two learning units:


  • Creativity Skills. You will expand and energise your creativity skills: Visual Thinking, Idea-Generation and Team-Creativity.
  • Practical Creativity. You will learn how to apply the creativity skills in practice, solving everyday problems, and practicing our Five-Steps Practical Creativity Framework.


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Starting: 16 April 2021

Duration of the course: 6 months

Targeted age: 15-18 years old

Fees will apply.

Creativity Clubs


These practical workshops strengthen and expand your creativity - the ability to generate new ideas rooted in the capacity to connect subjects across a wide range of disciplines.  Doing fun and powerful learning activities, based in the experimental and improvised art practices (painting, drawing, collaging, designing, making music, performance, dancing, etc), you will:

  • Strengthen your visual thinking skills - observation and imagination.
  • Learn to connect 'at will' and 'on demand' a wide range of ideas into new patterns and associations.
  • Become more confident thinking independently and unconventionally.

Starting: 16 April 2021

Duration of a workshop: 30 min 

Targeted age: 9 - 14 years old

Fee will apply.

Creativity for a Better Future

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