Our training programmes for organisations are suitable for employees at all level.

Lead Creativity. Manage Innovation. 

Leveraging creativity and innovation is what drives companies’ growth, profitability, competitive advantage and resilience. But innovation demands creative leaders who know how to lead creativity and manage the innovation process.

Yet, more than half of company CEOs and managers are 'weak at creativity and innovation', according to top business surveys. Their innovation efforts fail disengaging the workforce and costing money.

This programme will help leaders to shape their company into a dynamic creative organisation, while meeting company’s need for high-quality innovative solutions. It offers a framework that reconciles the innovation process with managing the process and makes it more timely and dependable and less risky and unpredictable.

Team Creativity, the Ground Zero for Innovation.

Innovation is not a 'relay race' in which 'a lone genius' innovator passes a baton to a production team and them to a sales team for the final leg of the race. It is a collective engine for generating new ideas and bringing them into the marketplace.

Teams are the 'ground zero' for innovation. Though companies are naturally about teams, too often the teams' potential for creativity is overlooked.

This programme will help all teams - from the Board of Directors to Sales - to understand how to produce innovative solutions in a group, motivate team-creativity, and integrate it into company culture.