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Creativity is the most sought-after skill on LinkedIn in 2019, 2020 and 2021. This is because organisation grows only when it has creative minds that know how to push for change, incite innovation and invent ideas.

It is imperative for companies to encourage creativity education in order to prepare for the future of industry.

We can help in three ways:

#1 Hire our creative talent

Are you struggling to recruit exciting new candidates who have a creative edge? Or maybe you want to introduce an internship scheme for highly innovative candidates, but don’t know where to start? Look no further. Our young people know how to approach problems outside the box.


For almost 15 years, we have trained and supported high-performing youths that can be a true asset to your company. Our database is bursting to the brim with young minds just waiting to share their ideas with you.

Don’t spend hours sifting through an endless number of CV’s. Team up with us today and watch your company thrive.

Contact MASK now to get going.

#2 Train your current employees with us

More than 50% of company CEOs are "weak at creativity and innovation", according to business surveys, disengaging the workforce and costing money. 

Unsure how to stimulating the creative abilities of your current employees at all levels?


Start by introducing our programmes - 'Lead Creativity, Manage Innovation' and 'Team Creativity' - into your employee training plans. They will offer frameworks that help you reconcile the innovation process with managing process, motivate team-creativity and integrate innovation into your company culture.

These two programmes are based on the material that we teach to our young people. Bespoke to your company needs, they will give your business the edge it needs against competitors, and will inspire the vision within your team. 

Find out more about the programmes. 

#3 Promote your company while motivating young innovation

Promote your company with us nationally and internationally, while motivating young innovation and creativity. Donate to us to help change generations' abilities for innovation - and get

publically accredited for it.

  • Offer to MASK Awards winners a cash prize or a paid internship. Choose to name the prize after your company and reach our global audiences of over 650,000 people.
  • Help facilitate our online creativity training courses to reach

    thousands young people and educators.

  • Support our school outreach programme in Kenya by helping us purchase a van.
  • Provide us with the tools to produce and distribute teaching manuals in support of the Kenyan Ministry of Education.
  • Aid our mission by covering the costs of hiring a space in Nairobi for our MASK Creativity Hub to host our events.

You can also bring lasting benefits by making MASK a part of your Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Speak to us.

Case study: internship prizes

In 2019, with the support of Unilever East Africa, we have been able to award MASK Awards winners, Dani (19) and Jesse (23) from Kenya with paid internships on Unilever’s social mobilisation program, Heroes for Change.

MASK Awards helped me become more confident in bringing out my entrepreneurial ideas which can help me earn money for the future,” said Dani. For Jesse, who featured in The Star's article, it is MASK’s appreciation for his creativity that stands out most: “Support MASK in whichever way you can, so other people can benefit from such opportunities.

In 2021, the Mabati Rolling Mills (Kenya) has awarded four internships for MASK Awards 2021 winners. 

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Images on this page by MASK creative talent: Staice Shitanda, William Mukiri.