Education Model

The MASK educational model has been successfull and can be easily scaled up.

The Learning Goal is to strengthen creativity of students and teach them to apply it in practice.

The education model is based on the following principles:

  • Creativity is visual thinking
  • Creativity can be learned directly
  • Learning activities should be structured, practice-led and relevant
  • The learning environment should be conducive to creativity learning
  • Learning outcomes should be shared.


MASK strives to impart:

  • Positive Beliefs About Creativity. Students learn to see creativity as a powerful force for change toward a better future and a fun process that excites and empowers the spirit and energy, and to take responsibility for their own creativity. They discover the joy of being different and challenging stereotypes.
  • Creativity Skills: Visual Thinking, Idea-Generation, and Team Creativity.
  • Creative Personality. Students are encouraged to develop the creative personality characteristics, such as being proactive and passionate, brave, curious, open to new experience, confident, ethical, independent, resilient, and to have a strong sense of self-efficacy and self-realization.
  • Practical Creativity. Students practice the MASK Practical Creativity 5-Steps Framework, a step-by-step approach to being creative and innovative in real life.

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What is Creativity?

Understanding creativity as visual thinking can have a profound effect on

education and therefore our future

Learning Activities

A skilled facilitator is essential to creativity learning

MASK Programmes

MASK has accumulated significant expertise and experience through our programs


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