Creativity Clubs

Creativity Clubs combine art and design practices and creative thinking exercises.


  • Creativity is idea-generation skill powered by visual cognition (thinking in mental images). The more children are exposed to visual art practices, the more advanced their ability to imagine and innovate.

At our Creativity Clubs, children learn to cope with visual information and get accustomed to the visual complexity. They discover multi-layered dynamics between shapes, lines, colours, textures, sizes, distance and movement, and train visual memory. They learn to observe and select the relevant visual information from the irrelevant against a goal or criteria, abstract and discern structures, and interpret what they see (fusing images with ideas).


  • Creative individuals do not just come up with new ideas out of the blue. They generate ideas by connecting mental images deliberately ‘provoking’ their thinking using various creative thinking techniques and strategies. The more creative individuals are, the easier for them to force their thinking into modes that differ from the norm.

At our Clubs, children practice to generate new ideas while they experiment with materials and techniques, improvise, prototype, and analyse the results; art allows them safe and accessible space to so do.  


  • Once individuals develop their ideas, they need to be able express or represent them visually.

By sketching, designing, making video, performing, etc., children learn how to communicate visually with confidence and self-esteem. They practice emotionality (to create is to feel), meaning-making (fusing images with concepts), and the structure (composition, contrast and grouping).

Children develop their creative personality traits such as curiosity, courage, hard work and resilience.

As they progress and see creativity it in the context of building a better future, they are ego to apply it in school subjects and activities and other settings.


Usually, after Creativity Clubs experiences, students join our CEL Clubs


"The training was an amazing adventure into the world of thoughts and connections. It was uplifting and inspiring. Our children’s idea-generation has been ignited and the imagination sparked. They came out brimming with enthusiasm, keen to share the exercises you covered, and to apply them in other settings. It was a great opportunity." Hazel and Dina, parents of our students

Creativity Clubs are online only

Starting date: 21 January 2022

Duration of workshops: 30-60 min

Fees apply

Places are limited