Learn creativity and innovation

According to LinkedIn, creativity is the number one skill companies seek. For almost 15 years, we’ve trained young people to become innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs, and effectve professionals. Enrol in our courses now and unlock your capacity for creativity and innovation for your success.

Creativity Club workshops

For students 9-13 years

These practical and fun art workshops can help children to unlock and free their imagination, strengthen their creativity, and inspire their innovation. They discover the joy of creativity and become more confident and original thinkers.

Creativity for Entrepreneurship and Leadership (CEL) course

For students 16-21 years

This practice-based 3-month course aims to equip young people with practical tools that can help them apply creativity in practice and set them on the path towards empowerment and success.

Learn about creativity 

Read our articles about creativity and its role in our success.