At MASK we connect organisations with next generational, creative talent.

A creative and innovative workforce is essential to the success of any modern business. Without creative minds pushing for change, inciting innovation and inventing ideas, organisations would not grow and succeed.

Over 90% of top CEOs understand that innovation is vital to the long term

growth and profitability of their company. (More)

Acquiring the right creative talent is "the number one practice"

for improving innovation within a company. (More)

Creativity has become the number one skill companies need. (More)

The future jobs market will require a higher creativity as part of the candidate’s core skill set. (More)

Demand for creativity will rise sharply as automation plays a bigger role. (More)

    Work with our

    inspiring minds

    Creativity and Innovation are vital for any business seeking to be ahead of emerging market trends and offer its clients the cutting edge solutions they expect.

    Work with us to support our education for creativity and innovation programmes to prepare for the future of industry.


    Introduce creative talent into your workplace

    For over 13 years, we have trained and supported high-performing young creatives. Our extensive database - from engineers and programmers, to architects and designers - is full to the brim with inspiring minds.

    We can recommend our most creative and innovative candidates for a placement at your company. This means that you won’t have to sift through hundreds of CVs and hold numerous interviews to discover the young creative talent.

    Moreover, we can mentor candidates while they undertake their internships at your company to ensure they become a true asset to your organisation.


    Set up a cash or internship prize of the MASK Awards

    Set up a cash or internship prize in our renown pan-African creativity and innovation competition for schools and young people in Africa, the MASK Awards.

    You can name the prize after your organisation to promote the organisation's image, products or services while motivating the nations' young innovation and creativity.

    You will award the prize and meet winners at the official MASK Award Ceremony in Nairobi attended by the Kenyan government representatives, VIP guests and media.

    Contact us and we would be happy to discuss the options that best suit your organisation.


    Make cash

    or in-kind


    £2,500 will support one facilitator in our school outreach programme in Kenya for a year.

    £5,000 will provide material supply in our school outreach programme in Kenya for two years.

    £12,000 will purchase a 'creativty van' to support our outreach school programme across Kenya.

    £18,000 will produce manuals for creativity in schools that could change a generation’s abilities for innovation.

    £24,000 will establish a creativity center in Kenya that can bring lasting benefits to many young Africans.


    case study

    In 2019, Unilever (East Africa) joined our mission to support creativity education offering paid internships to the MASK Awards winners Dani Wijenje and Jesie Otumba from Kenya. During the internships, starting soon, Dani and Jesie will shadow senior directors and work at Unilever’s social mobilization program, Heroes for Change. 

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