By championing, teaching and celebrating creativity and innovation - the ability to generate new ideas and put them into practice - we empower the next generation to build a better future. To achieve long-term social, economic and cultural success for both themselves and society at large.

  1. MASK believes that creativity transforms lives and societies, and creative people shape the future. To build a better tomorrow we need to expand the creative capacity of the next generation today. MASK champions ‘creativity education for all’ as the priority of 21 century education and innovate its theory and practice. 
  2. MASK is a platform for young people to explore and energise their creativity and innovation in a safe and supportive environment. A place where they can nurture their visions for a better future and push the boundaries of their artistic and social imaginations. Where young voices are amplified and creativity rewarded.
  3. MASK is a movement that unleashes collective creativity. It is a collective of creative minds, together, can influence the long-term course of society and redefine social, economic and cultural progress. Opened to everyone, but most importantly to the disconnected youth, MASK unites the young to take charge of their destinies and consider how they could collectively bring practical change locally, nationaly and globally.
  4. MASK is a system that helps young people generate imaginative new policies and businesses that provoke new possibilities and ground-breaking new art that kick-starts new thinking. MASK connects the creative youth with companies for employment opportunities and with policy community - for social, economic and cultural development. In a time of constant change, our society needs such a system as a matter of national and international urgency. MASK's system liberates the constructive forces of the young and reconnects them with the world at large fostering a sense of purpose and potential.
  5. MASK is a philosophy. Creativity is visual thinking. It is a skill that can be learned and taught through art. Art is the ‘homeground’ of visual thinking. Only through art we can understand, develop and strengthen our creativity and innovation. Therefore, the commitment to practicing the arts from an early age is the key to expanding and sustaining strong creativity and innovation. MASK engages in dialogue with the wider public and business and policy community to promote its philosophy through seminars, exhibitions and publications.

    Image is by MASK creative talent Cynthia Ngunjiri, Kenya

    Creativity for a Better Future

    MASK is a UK registered charity No 1128734

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