We innovate solutions for 21 century education

to support real change.


Working with young people and schools, we develop pedagogical framework and deliver training through our Creativity Clubs and MASK Awards.


Working with communities,

we promote art and help them facilitate young people reaching their creative potential.


What we do

Creativity. Innovation. These empowering skills can unlock the potential of the next generation and build a better future for all.

MASK is a visionary non-profit. We help facilitate the creativity and innovation skills in young people and educators. Celebrate the young creativity with MASK Awards. And unleash the economic potential by connecting our creative young people with companies.

We transform imagination into creativity, creativity into innovation, and innovation into success.

Learn more about our methodology and goals in our Theory of Change and Philosophy


Working with businesses, we increase their support of creativity education and connect them with our creative talent. 


Working with policymakers, we help them change policy and perception through our exhibitions, seminars and publications.


Why we do it

Creative people transform lives and shape the future. By expanding our creative capacity today we ensure our better tomorrow.

“Survival in 21 century will be difficult and without creativity is not possible.” - Dr Manu Chandaria OBE, a leading African industrialist and MASK supporter.

01. Every child is born creative, but creativity withers if not fostered. Many schools do not teach creativity.  Teachers lack methods and skills. 

02. Companies strugle to recruit employees that are innovative.  Yet seldom support creativity education in schools - where it matters most.


03. Not all communities facilitate young people reaching their creative potential. Policymakers lack opportunities to engage with creativity and understand its benefits.


What we have achieved

Established in 2007 as 'Mobile Art School in Kenya' carting art supplies up dusty tracks in Kenya, today we are MASK, a workforce of young visionaries - artists, innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals - aspiring to improve the world we live in.


Read Our Story and MASK Stories.


- Developed Creativity Education Model

- Established Creativity Clubs, MASK Awards, and exhibitions

- Creativity Clubs run 5,000 workshops in 25 schools in Kenya benefiting 15,000 young people and teachers

- MASK Awards awarded 350 prizes, attracted 8,500 entries, reached 12 African countries, and has global audiences of over 600,500 people

- Put on more than 50 exhibitions, seminars and talks

- Published more than 200 educational articles in the national, education and business press.


Acknowledged by:

- The Kenyan Government

- Global Education Innovations Initiative of Harvard University, USA

- Center for Education Innovation of the Results for Development Institute, USA

- UNESCO, France, South Korea

- Library of Congress, USA,

- Saatchi Gallery, Turner Contemporary

- Barack and Michelle Obama

- Won 'Most Innovative Learning Organisation 2020' award of the Greater London Enterprise Awards, UK.


- In 2007 we were told "creativity is not for Africa’s reality". Ten years later, the Kenyan Government recognised “creativity” as a “core competence” of the Basic Education Curriculum.

- Our students say: "MASK developed my habit for innovation." "MASK empowered me beyond my dreams." "MASK is a game-changer for my creative occupation." "MASK is the driver of change in our society." "MASK's impact is widespread."


Our team

MASK is led and supported by the team of the creative and dedicated individuals and organisations.

Creativity and innovation for a Better Future

MASK (Mobile Art School in Kenya) is a UK registered charitable company No 1128734.

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