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Creativity is 


“Survival in the 21st century will be difficult, and without creativity it is not possible.” - Dr. Manu Chandaria, a leading industrialist in Africa and a MASK supporter.

Our Vision

We want to live in a world in which all people harness their creative and innovative potential to lead fulfilled lives, solve social, economic, environmental and cultural challenges and build a better future for all.


We develop learning and teaching material and train young people and teachers.


We connect our creative young people with companies for internship and employment opportunities.


We support and celebrate creativity and innovation of young people and schools through our MASK Awards.


We engage in dialogue with business and policy community through our seminars, exhibitions and publications.


What we do

Creativity is development. Our aim is to empower the next generation through creativity and innovation for tomorrow's progress and development.

View our Theory of Change and learn our

methodology and goals for promoting social change.

Read our Manifesto and find out how we are building a better future through creativity education.


Why we do it

Creative people shape the future. By expanding the creative capacity of young people today, we can create a better tomorrow.

Established in 2007, from our humble beginnings of carting art supplies up dusty tracks, MASK is now a collective of young visionaries aspiring to improve the world we live in. Find out more about the MASK Story.

Our students become successful professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders. Read more about MASK stories here.


What we achived

MASK has built a workforce of young creative artists, enterprenuers, leaders and professionals. “MASK developed my habit for innovation. "MASK empowered me beyond my dreams." "MASK is a game-changer for my creative occupation." "MASK is the driver of change in our society." "MASK's impact is widespread."

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Our team

MASK could not exist if it wasn’t for the work, help and support of these incredible individuals and organisations.

Creativity and innovation for a better future

MASK is a UK registered charity No 1128734

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