The Great WALK of Art in Washington DC sponsored by   Pizza Studio and partnered by the Arts Club of Washington


The Great WALK of Art in London in parnership with the National Gallery (London)

Alla Tkachuk article "Innovation-Key Driver of Prosperity" in the Private  Sector Magazine of Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), page 53, Issue 6 July-September 2015


Article about MASK:

"The rebirth of  art with social themes  in Kenya", The Business Daily (Kenya),  3  June


"The 2015 MASK PRIZE  unveiled the winners", The Star, 28 May

26 May Prize-Giving ceremony of the 2015 MASK PRIZE, at the Michael Joseph Center, Nairobi, Kenya

"MASK: Education for creativity" article  by Alla Tkachuk   in Art and Design Magazine of the UK National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD), issue 13, May 2015, click here


"MASK: Success without creativity in schools is not possible" article  by Alla Tkachuk   in The Star, 26 April  2015, here


Exhibition of the 2014 MASK PRIZE  at the Royal Overseas League, 20 January-20 March 2015