The 2016 MASK PRIZE  Award Ceremony




23 June 2016

Michael Joseph Center, Nairobi

The 4th annual Award Ceremony of the MASK Prize took place at the Michael Joseph Art Center in Nairobi on 23 June.  More than 300 people attended the ceremony from as far as Lamu, Mombasa and Eldoret. 

Participated commented:

  • "Wonderful event"
  • "lovely and amazing"
  • "I was in awe"
  • "it is a great honour"
  • "I gained a lot from the competition and I am a better person for it"
  • "the initiative helps us a lot"
  • "today a dream comes true!"
  • "getting a certificate motivated me to be even more creative"
  • "I urge you to continue inspiring us as young artists"

More than 1300 works were submitted this year, a record number. The participants represented 35 Kenyan regions, as well as Tanzania and South Africa.

30  winners of the cash prizes (300,000 Ksh in total), and 20  recipients of the 'highly commended' certificates were awarded by Turk and Christy Pipkin  the Nobelity Project, and by Alan Rivers, the Founder of Rivers Foundation, who support the prizes. 

See who won the Prizes and  'Highly Commended' certificates

More than 130 shortlisted artworks were exhibited at the Awards. The works now will travel to London and will be shown at the Saatchi Gallery in October. 

Shortlisted works::

Visual Arts 14-25 y/o Category

Visual Arts Under 13y/o Category


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The Star, 'The MASK Prize: Creativity breeds success', 2 July  2016

Arya Girls secondary school Synclaire Wanjera,Harman Preet with Bhumika Patel showing their Entreprenueral Idea Prizes

Franco Munene with Subira Neema from the Kenyan Institute of Curriculum Development

 Allan Rivers of Rivers Foundation with the Mask Prize's Founder, Alla Tkachuk

Artists Esther Mukuhi and Sitonik Nayianoi from Darubini Talent Academy showing their School Prize

Producer Rebecca Kamau of the Education Channel of the Kenyan Institute of Curriculum Development, and  Labaratory Reseacher Helen Gichuki, ex-student of MASK School of Creativity and Innovation

Ministry of Education Senior Assistant to Director of Education, Jane Mbugua, with the Director of Kristina Academy Kwale from Diane Beach, Elizabeth Muthoka

Radioafrica Visual Editor, Khalsa Lakhvir Singh

Nobelity Project Mike Mutuku with the Founder of the Nobelity Project, Christine Pipkin

Turk  Pipkin, a Founder of the Nobelity Project, awards a School Prize to Eburru Secondary School of Naivasha

Alan Rivers of Rivers Foundation awards the  prizes to the winners of the 'Visual Arts 'Under 13 y/o' Prize

Stylist Wendy Wangui with art enthusiast Regina Lugalia