Our Philosophy

#1 We believe

Education for creativity must be a priority. Because creative people transform lives and shape the future.

Creativity - is the ability to generate transformative solutions, imagine alternatives and mastermind breakthrough. It is the source of powerful intellect, leadership and enterprise. Creativity is visual cognition. It is understood, discovered and taught through art. It is practiced from an early age.

#2 We are a platform

MASK is where young people can:

Explore and energise their creativity, nurture and amplify their ideas and visions for a better future, push the boundaries of their artistic and social imaginations - all in a safe and supportive environment where creativity is rewarded.

Liberate their positive forces, reconnect with the world at large, and foster a powerful sense of purpose and potential, by their ideas and solutions that provoke new possibilities and break new grounds being fed to business and policy community.


Unleash their collective creativity, and united take charge of their destinies and consider how to bring real and practical change locally, nationally and globally. It is only a collective of creative minds, together, can influence the long-term course of society and redefine social, economic and cultural progress. 

Image is by MASK creative talent Cynthia Ngunjiri, Kenya