We’re an award-winning charity

that builds young people's capacity for creativity and innovation.

Why we do it

In 2007, working with young people, schools, government, businesses and communities in Africa, MASK took on the challenge to help create a better world - a world with no poverty, injustice and inequality - through creativity education.

Here how we support all 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development by building young people's capacity for creative and innovative problem-solving. 

What we do


  1. develop creativity pedagogy, programmes and learning resources
  2. provide teaching assistance to young people, teachers and education authorities
  3. engage with communities and policymakers to champion creativity education and its outcomes

  4. connect our students to employers.

Learn more about our goals in our Theory of Change and philosophy.

We train students and help teachers.

We connect our students to employers. 

How we do it

We equip our young people with the capacity for creativity and innovation. This capacity, if fostered from early life, can unlock their potential to shape a better future. Creative people are self-sufficient, and they make the entire world prosper.

We use art as a main tool for building creativity. Creativity is visual cognition: when people generate ideas they think primarily in images. Art shapes creativity.

"Creativity empowered me beyong my dreams":

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We develop creativity learning resources.

We engage communities and policymakers. 

What we have


We transform creativity and innovation into success. Today MASK is a collective of creative minds - artists, innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs and employees - aspiring to take charge of their destinies and create a better world.

"MASK empowered me beyond my dreams."

"MASK is a game-changer for my creative occupation."

"MASK is the driver of change in our society."

"MASK's impact is widespread."

Our Story.

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Our team

MASK is led and supported by the team of the creative and dedicated individuals and organisations.

Images on this page are by MASK creative talent: Lewis Maina, Eva Chemngorem, Staice Shitanda, Isaac Mokua, Jesie Otumba, Melissa Joe, Yona Mudibo