MASK Prize Retrospective  

Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK

11 May - 10 June 2018

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Acknowledgement: the virtual exhibition was developed by Jie Qiu, MA Curating & Collection, University of the Arts London

Exhibition layout at Turner Contemporary

All art should be Social Art

MASK Prize is delighted to be hosted by one of the world's leading galleries of contemporary art, Turner Contemporary. Over the past five years MASK Prize has promoted creativity, innovation and self-expression among young people in Africa. This exhibition celebrates outstanding work across Visual Art, Music, Videos, and Entrepreneurial Ideas.

Since launching in 2013, MASK Prize has grown rapidly, attracting more than 6,500 entries, with work being exhibited at the Nairobi National Museum (Kenya), Saatchi Gallery (London) and the Library of Congress (Washington DC). It contributed to the Kenyan Ministry of Education recent recognition of creativity as a 'core competence' of its school curriculum.

This is the third year that winning works from the competition have been exhibited at Turner Contemporary celebrating the vital role of creativity in the lives of individuals and society as a whole.

The exhibition consists of artworks, photographs of the participants and their quotations about art and creativity.

Art  and creativity make us innovative and lead us to the inventions that make the world a better place. 

- John Mutahi, 20 

I imagine things and make them a reality.

- Patrick  Mulinge,  14 

Art  is  something that can move people just by looking at it. It makes us feel.

- Jesie Otumba  Otieno,  21

I express my thoughts in pictures that words cannot describe. In drawings there is a lot you can say that carries meaning.   

- Claire Njeri Kuria, 17

I  source my inspiration from everything that surrounds me.   

- Shamia Isaac, 21

Creativity is developing new ideas that bring change. 

-  Kennedy Kinyua Kimani, 13 

Artworks and artists exhibited:

Benson Kinyanjui, African Market

Betrice Wanza, Nairobi, At Coast

Churchill Ongere, I have Been Looking For You

Eddy Ouma, Flowing Hope

Jaini Hitesh Shah, Mara River Crossing

Michael Odhiambo, Matunda Matamu, Sweet Fruits

Nicole Riziki, Flying From My Worries

Serena Kairu, Painting Sounds

Allan Kiptoo, Untitled

Amani Karisa, Naks

Arnold Kibaara, Colour Pencil on Paper

Bitumu Ngago, A Wedding Ceremony

Cynthia Ngunjiri, Ujamaa

Edwin Wainaina, Scream

Fahima Munene, Save Me

Faith Nyambura, Houses

Hannah Gathon, Fashion

James Maina, Painting Sounds

Jeff Kaguri, Zebra Head

John Karimi, Untitled

Joseph Makau, Swampy

Kennedy Kimani, Market and Beyond

Lee Wanjiru, Tranquility

Louis Nderi, My Greatest Joy is just to see my Daughter Happy

Louis Nderi, Family Tree

Louis Nderi, Family Tree

Onesmus Okamar, Untitled

Patrick Mwaura, Just Beautiful

Paul Muigai, The Fire Man

Paula Karanja, The ‘Champions League’

Pupils of NPC School, Baby’s Day Out

Sam Mulwa, Mother Earth

Samu Kauli, Protect the Sea

Sidney Wanjiku, Women Power

Steve Wanjau, Untitled

Antony Okari, Freedom from the Cut

Bradly Nyongesa, Nature

Churchill Ongere, Hand

Beryl Juma, Untitled

Chela Bett, Untitled

Clemet Muruthi, My Village

Eddy Ouama, Sunset in Humanity

Elizabeth Wanjiru, Visually Impared Happy Lady

Gitahi Kariuki, Tortoise

Hellen Wanjala, What I Love about my Life

John Njeru, Nairobi Ain’t Easy

Peteros Masinde, Heart and Brain

Ron Lukes, Devine

Shela Foster, Our Home

Ionna, Untitled

Junior Lekerimui, Leafy Impala

Kevogo Yavetsi, Mothers Love

Sofia Mohammed, Dolly

Victor Kariuki, My World

Moses Kamau, Siku Ya Kahwa

Donrobert Kamau, Matasia Ngong Footballer

Moses Kamau, Siku Ya Kahwa

Donrobert Kamau, Matasia Ngong Footballer