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We are an award-winning organisation that builds young people's capacity for creativity and innovation to advance a better future.

Creativity is a top 21 century skill. It is the source of intelligence and power. Yet, schools seldom teach creativity. This is where MASK can help. We are on a mission to set young people like you on the path to success by strengthening and supporting your creativity and innovation.  We help you to produce original ideas and turn them into reality.

So, wherever you are on the planet join MASK opportunities today and take your first steps towards self-empowerment and success.

#1 Young people: unlock your creativity at our courses

Today modern organisations demand high creativity and innovation as part of the work skills. This demand will rise sharply as automation plays a greater role. According to LinkedIn, creatively has been the number one skill for the last three years in the row.

We have created for you the courses that will unlock and strengthen your capacity to create and innovate. Enrol now.

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#2 Schools and young people:

celebrate your creativity at our MASK Awards

Attracting over 8,500 entries from Africa with global audiences over 650,000 people, MASK Awards celebrates young creativity and innovation with prizes and exhibitions.

Enter your best ART or INNOVATIONS. Push the boundaries of your imagination! Showcase your creativity to the world!

#3 Organisations: Connect with our creative young talent

We connect organisations with our creative youths. 


From engineers and programmers to architects and designers, for the last 15 years we have trained and supported high-performing innovative minds that can be a true asset to your organisation.

Our news

Due to the Covid restrictions in Kenya, the MASK Awards 2021 prize-giving ceremony is postponed until further notice.

The standard of the artworks and ideas entered to MASK Awards 2021 is outstanding, and we wish to congratulate all of you! 

Images on this page are by MASK talent: Margaret Ngigi, Frank Kibicho, Haji Ibrahim, Jesse Otumba, Louis Nderi, Muchira Muraguri, Regina Mwihaki and Anne Njeri, Caroline Mochoge.

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MASK has been one of leading organisations in the field of education for creativity. Help us to equip our young people and educators with creativity and innovation they need to shape a better future