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MASK works with young people to strengthen their creativity and innovation to advance learning, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and with business and policy leaders - to connect the young creative talent with companies and organisations to improve employment opportunities.


Students and educators:

Learn and teach creativity & innovation

Creativity has been identified as one of the most in-demand skills by top business leaders. From software engineering to HR, all organisations are on the lookout for people who can approach problems creatively. Enrol to our online creativity courses to strengthen your creative skills and gain advantage.


Business and policy


Work with our creative talent

A creative and innovative workforce is essential

to the success of modern businesses.

At MASK you can connect your organisation with

next generational, creative talent.


Schools and young people:

MASK Awards

Explore your creativity and voice your innovative ideas about the future. Enter our renown MASK Arts and Innovations Awards. Showcase your creativity to the world and win prizes.

Images on this page are by MASK creative talent -

Cynthia Ngunjiri, Frank Kibicho, Haji Ibrahim,

Jesse Otumba, Louis Nderi, Muchira Muraguri,

Regina Mwihaki and Anne Njeri, Caroline Mochoge 

Creativity and innovation for a better future

MASK is a UK registered charity No 1128734

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MASK has been a leading charity in the field of education for creativity and innovation in Kenya. Find out how you can make a difference to thousands of

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