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Creativity-learning must be central to education and socio-economic transformation of lives of individuals and societies




The world where creativity is understood, valued, learned and widely practised.




  • To champion 'education for creativity' and the right to creativity for all
  • To develop effective creativity learning and teaching programmes for young people in Africa and elsewhere.




To strengthen the creativity of young people for enable their cultural, social, and economic sustainability.




  • Providing education programmes that build the creative capacity of young people and teachers
  • Developing creativity teaching and learning frameworks through training materials publications, manuals and toolkits
  • Engaging in policy dialogue and influence through production of policy briefs, conferences and exhibitions .







All young people aged 3 to 25 years old, school and non-school goers, who live in rural or urban communities and may be disadvantaged, disabled, or victims of conflict and violence.


MASK Creativity Clubs has worked in more than 25 schools in Kenya, benefiting directly - hundreds and indirectly - thousands of young people, and dozens of teachers. The MASK Prize has attracted more than 6,500 participants in East and South Africa, more than 450,000 people saw its exhibitions in Kenya and beyond.


MASK success stories








MASK Creativity Pedagogy Framework







MASK has enjoyed a critical acclaim in the national and specialist press in Africa and beyond.




In 2006, London based artist Alla went to Kenya to paint. Working in rural communities, she began giving art workshops to children in schools and discovered that art and creativity education was limited. Alla's belief that the arts and creativity and essential to children's development led her to establish MASK (Mobile Art School in Kenya) in 2007.

"MASK has started something which others are now beginning

to recognise as an essential part of human growth and development."

MASK's trustee Dr Lyndsay Bird











Jeff Koinange

Africa's renowned journalist and broadcaster

Ibrahim El-Salahi

Renowned artist

Hannah O'Leary

Head of Modern & Contemporary African Art at Sothebys



Dr Lyndsay Bird Chair of the Trustees

Charles Dance OBE

Tim Dann

Professor David Dilks




Alla Tkachuk MSc FRSA




  • Dr Chege Githiora, the Chairman of the Centre of African Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.
  • Dr Nicholas Addison, Visiting Fellow at UCL Institute of Education, University of London, and author of Understanding Art Education (2010), Art Critics and Art Historians in Schools (2003), En-Quire: Critical Minds (2006), co-editor of Learning to Teach Art and Design in the Secondary School (2007) and Debates in Art and Design Education (2012), UK.
  • Business advisors Mark Call and Thairu Ndungu.





Special THANK YOU to our supporters and donors without whom the MASK's work would not be possible

To succeed, young people need to be inventive, resourceful and imaginative.



MASK is a UK Charity Commission registered charity No 1128734






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MASK is a UK Charity Commission registered charity No 1128734