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MASK Prize

creativity and innovation competition

for young people living in Africa 

Strengthen your creativity for a better future.

Enter your creative and innovative artworks or ideas.

Scroll this page for the rules and online ENTRY FORM.

MASK Prize platform is dedicated to supporting creativity and innovation of young Africans and celebrating it through awards and exhibitions.  MASK Prize creative young people tell a better story of contemporary Africa.

Since 2013, MASK Prize received more than 6,500 entries from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Mauritius, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and South Africa. The works were seen by more than 650,000 people at Nairobi National Museum (Kenya), Turner Contemporary, Saatchi Gallery (UK), and the Library of Congress (USA).

"MASK Prize experience was an absolute game-changer for my creative occupation"

"MASK Prize is the driver of change in our society"

"I gained a lot from the competition", "I urge you to continue inspiring us"

"I saw the exhibition and could not believe that we have so many talented young artists in Kenya"

MASK Prize participants

MASK Prize is nonprofit programme pioneered by UK charity MASK

Banner image: Melaninart, photo, by Staice Shitanda, 20, Kenya

Our latest exhibitions

Early 21 Century Young African Artists Exhibition

Saatchi Gallery, UK, Dec 2018 - Jan 2019

Our lastest exhibitions

Five-year Retrospective Exhibition

Turner Contemporary, UK, 12 May - 10 Jun 2018


Media Partners: The Star and Citizen TV


1. Anyone who is aged 4-25 and lives in Africa

2. Any school, college or university (whether state or private)

ATTENTION: MASK Prize Alumni, if you participated in MASK Prize in the past but now you are older than 25, you can still enter your new works and films/videos about yourself and your art (good quality files entered in the usual way indicating your current age). The works, although not reviewed for current prizes, will be considered for exhibitions at MOCAAY (new online Museum of Contemporary African Art for Youth)


Enter your creative and innovative artworks or entrepreneurial ideas on any theme and in any of these medium:


Paintings, drawings, collages, prints, graffiti

Installations, sculptures

Digital or computer art, animations


Architecture, furniture and fashion designs


Performance art: videos of dancing, acting, playing music instruments and singing

Entrepreneurial ideas (ideas that can be put to practice to improve our lives)

PLEASE NOTE:  All artworks or ideas must be original. Entering someone's work as your own is illegal.


Sponsored by Rivers Foundation (UK), The Nobelity Project (USA) and Mabati Rolling Mills (Kenya)

Winners are selected by Judges. Prizes totaling 300,000 KSH (Kenyan Shillings) will be awarded

at Award Ceremony on 17 October 2019 at Michael Joseph Center in three categories:


UNDER 15 years old

UNDER 25 years old

MASK Prize also gives the 'Best Creativity Teacher' and 'Business Leader for Creativity' awards


Enter any number of works, it is free,  before 1 June 2019 using this online



1. Make a short film about yourself and your creative process and enter it via ENTRY FORM (This is optional but highly recommended to all participants). The best films will be uploaded to MASK Prize YouTube and maybe shown at the Award Ceremony or exhibitions.

2. Become part of the MASK Prize movement, join the social media platforms:






  • Images - take a good-quality photograph of your artwork, save it as JPEG file  (that is more than 300 KB and less than 4 MB in size) and upload it in your ENTRY FORM
  • Films - make a short video/film, upload it to Youtube, and enter the Youtube URL link into your ENTRY FORM
  • Entrepreneurial ideas - enter them as videos/films OR images 

By entering you accept  Terms and Conditions.

Do not hesitate to contact us  for help with the entering process.


 Under 15 years old

Under 25 years old



Creativity is the ability to generate and implement new nonroutine solutions that effectively solve problems. Creative people devise new ideas by connecting wide range of knowledge across various disciplines and domains, and they do it primarily with the help of their visual system. Images, not numbers or words, play central role in creative thinking. Practicing art from the early age, therefore, is critical to creativity learning. By experimenting in the arts - with new medium, forms and ideas -  young people learn to innovate better than in any other subject.

Creativity is synonymous with technological advancement, innovation, inventiveness, resourcefulness, adaptivity, ingenuity, imagination, outside-box-thinking, changing paradigm, eureka, initiative, value-creation, vision, individuality, risk-taking, personal effectiveness, and bringing change. Send in your description of creativity

“We believe in MASK Prize cause to grow creativity of the younger generations

to encourage innovation and a creation of a better future for them.” 

Caroline Wachira-Wanyama of Kenyan Citizen TV

"MASK Prize gives young Africans their humanity back."

Pioneer of Modern African Art and MASK Patron artist Ibrahim El-Salahi

Art by some of our artists are own by Barack and Michelle Obama 

"Dear Kivuthi, Duncun and Benson,

As our world grows increasingly interdepended, we look forward to working together to the benefit of all nations

and to strengthening the bonds between people."

Barack and Michelle Obama 

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MASK Prize is non-profit programme pioneered by a UK education charity MASK No 1128743.

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