MASK Prize

MASK Prize

Creativity Competition for Young People in Africa



MASK Prize is the unique competition with prizes for young people living in Africa

that ignites and celebrates their creativity and innovation.


Participants enter artworks and ideas free online in any medium in the categories: Under 15 y/o, Under 25 y/o, and Schools. Winners receive prizes totalling Ksh 300,000 at the Award Ceremony in Nairobi.


Established in 2013, the MASK Prize has attracted more than 6,500 entries from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Mauritius, Nigeria, Cameroon and South Africa. More than 650,000 people has seen the exhibitions of the MASK Prize at the world- leading cultural institutions such as Nairobi National Museum in Kenya, Turner Contemporary and Saatchi Gallery in the UK, and the Library of Congress in the USA. Read more



"MASK Prize motivates us to be more creative and makes us better for it"

"MASK Prize experience was an absolute game-changer for my creative occupation"

"MASK Prize is the driver of change in our society"

MASK Prize is a "wonderful event", "lovely and amazing", "I gained a lot from the competition", "I urge you to continue inspiring us"



MASK Prize is non-profit programme pioneered by a UK education charity MASK. Plese Donate to MASK to support MASK Prize.


MASK Prize presents Early 21 Century Young African Artists exhibition

at The Saatchi Gallery in London, 5 December 2018 - 12 January 2019. Free entry. All welcome


"Thank you MASK PRIZE for your amazing work and great effort

you put in to ensure growth and nurturing of creative talent in Kenya.

You are indeed the driver of change in our society."

Simon Wairiuko Kariuki, 24, Kenya



Submissions re-open in January 2019. Please re-visit this page then.



1. Anyone who lives in Africa and is 25 years old or younger

2. Any school, college, or university, whether state or private





Enter inventive, original and experimental artworks or ideas on any theme or subject.

These could be:

Paintings, drawings, collages, prints

Graffiti art

Installations, sculptures

Digital/computer art, animations

Photographs, photo-journalism

Videos/films (any length) of you playing a musical instruments, singing, dancing, performing, reading poetry

Entrepreneurial ideas (novel ideas that can be put to practice to improve our lives) can be entered as both images and videos/films





Prizes worth Ksh 300,000 (Kenyan Shillings) will be awarded at the Award Ceremony in Nairobi in October 2019 to the winners selected by our Panel of Judges in three categories:








Enter any number of works before 1 July 2019 using this online Entry Form. All entries are free.





1. In order to enter, first take photographs/images or videos/films of your artworks or ideas. Save images as JPEG files that is more than 300 KB and less than 4 MB in size, and upload the files in your ENTRY FORM. For videos/films, first upload them to Youtube and enter the URL link into your ENTRY FORM. For ideas - enter them as images or videos.


2. NEW (optional but highly recommended for schools and individual entrants): when submitting your art or ideas also enter a short video/film about yourself and your creativity. This can help our judges to know you better.


3. NEW : to participate, follow our Twitter and like our Facebook



By entering you accept the MASK Prize Terms and Conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us to help with the entering process




UNDER 15 y/o

UNDER 25 y/o




Creativity is our ability to generate and implement new, original, and innovative ideas. Creativity can be also called innovation, inventiveness, resourcefulness, ingenuity, imagination, insight, outside-box-thinking, initiative, value-creation, vision, individuality, risk-taking, personal effectiveness, bringing change, and optimization.


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