The MASK Prize

Creativity Competition with Prizes for Young People and Schools in Africa

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Transformation / Mabadiliko: a series of animated paintings

Collaboration of MASK and the UCA


Zandra Rhodes Gallery

University fr the Creative Arts (UK)

Fort Pitt, Rochester

Kent ME1 1DZ


11 March - 22 April, 2016



Seven young Kenyans, the winners of the Kenyan creativity competition the MASK Prize, and six UCA computer animation graduates created a stunning series of animations, titled 'Transformation/Mabadiliko'.


Responding to the artworks by the Kenyan winners of the MASK Prize, the UK graduates built on its ideas and meaning to explore how digital technologies transform art production and our interaction with art. Press release


In order to allow the communication between the artists in the two countries, blog was set up that facilitated the creative exchange. The project revealed the exciting possibilities of artistic partnerships over media and space.


"Working on this project opened for me the whole new reality, art became a whole new concept! Brilliant!" said Kenyan young artist Edwin Wainana, 18.


You can see the animations at this link:

Visit UCA page of the project:


Exhibitition and the Private View

Exhibition and Private View

Mark Little, Executive Dean Faculty of Fashion, Architecture & Design, Alan Cooke, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, UCA, Emma Brasso, UCA Exhibition Curator, Alla Tkachuk, founder of the MASK Prize, Rhill Gomm, Course Leader Computer Animation Arts, Professor Simon Ofield-Kerr, Vice Chancellor of the UCA at the opening of the exhibition, 14 March 2016