MASK's residential 12-day Creativity Camps are organised during school holidays for students aged 16-25 year old. First camp was organised in May 2011 in Nairobi from MASK's Naivasha and Laikipia schools.



Students participate in:


  • creativity workshops
  • debates, performances, and gallery visits
  • creativity master-classes given by professional artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders.



In 2011, the Camp participants met with the Kenyan Minister for Culture, Mr Ole Ntimama, and Director of Culture, Mrs Gladys Gatheru (pictured here)



"I am creative. I have liked being creative since I was small. I like experimenting and imagining new things. It was very hard for people, including my family, to support me in this. Participating in the MASK Creativity Camp helped my family to support me and be proud of my creativity."




The group had produced an impressive body of work, see the video here.



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