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M.A.S.K. is also known as Mobile Art School in Kenya

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About MASK School for Creativity and Innovation





MASK puts the 21st century education into action: we strengthen young people's creativity and innovation for employment and leadership.


Creativity and innovation - is the ability to solve problems 'outside the box'. Read more: What is creativity?


Over the last 10 years, MASK has made remarkable achievements. Our ex-students become successful professional, leaders and entrepreneurs.


This is what some of our ex-students say:


"MASK made me a successful entrepreneur and a leader. My village elders ask me to give them 'good ideas' to improve our community! Before MASK came I did not know I was creative. I am successful now. I love this creativity!" says Joel, 22, a MASK's ex-student form a school in a small village in West Laikipia, Kenya.


Hellen, 23, Joel's Club's mate says: "MASK developed a habit for innovating in me; I wish to innovate everything now! While in college I invented a new product that my college intends to patent to sell to manufacturers. For my innovative problem-solving skill, I have been enjoying a real success in my current pharmaceutical job in Nairobi."


"Human creativity is the ultimate resource. Our success depends on creativity and inventiveness of young people". Alla Tkachuk, the Founder of the MASK.





MASK runs after-school Creativity Clubs in schools, and a pioneering pan-African creativity competition The MASK Prize.


Creativity Clubs

Strengthening creativity of students and teaching them how to apply creativity in real life, our Creativity Clubs ensure that students are well prepared for the rapidly changing work and life environment. Students learn creativity directly as 'a subject'. Every school should have a Creativity Club.


The MASK Prize

This renowned creativity competition, The MASK Prize, catalyzes and celebrates creativity and innovation of young people living in Africa.


'The MASK Prize inspires us to be more creative and makes us better for it' say the MASK Prize participants.



Our publications in national and specialist press and media help young people to deepen their understanding of creativity and innovation and its role in transformation of individuals and societies.


Other programmes





A nation's success depends on creative people. Leveraging creativity and innovation is at the heart of a competitive and resilient economy. Innovation is now as important as infrastructure and markets (2017 World Economic Forum).


In the 21st century, 'creativity and innovation' is what separates those individuals and societies that are prepared for the increasingly complex life and work environment and those that are not.


Creativity is now a top skill employers seek in employees; academic qualifications are no longer enough.


Creativity of people is determined by education. Strengthening creativity of people is becoming a major concern around the world. How effectively education institutions foster creativity is now the core of the debate on the relationship between education and economic growth (2016 World Economic Forum)


Yet, in many regions education for creativity remains elusive. School and college leavers are 'deficient' in creativity, according to business surveys. 75-80% of Chief Executives say that shortage of creative employees threatens their companies' growth and even survival.



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