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MASK strengthens creativity and innovation of young people

to improve their employability, productivity, entrepreneurial skills and leadership


Creativity (creativity and innovation) is the ability to generate and implement new outside-box solutions to problems


MASK is a UK education charity established in 2007


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MASK runs Creativity Clubs in schools


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The MASK Prize is the renowned creativity competiton with prizes

for schools and young people in Africa



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Creativity is what separates those who are prepared for the rapidly changing work and life environment in the 21st century and those who are not.






Creativity is the source of change, growth and prosperity. Creativity is now a top skill demanded by employers: they know how to think outside the paradigm, to kick-start a new idea, to get a job done better.


How effectively education fosters creativity - is now at the center of the relationship between education and economic growth.


Unfortunately, education for creativity is very limited in many countries around the world. This affects young people's employability and growth of businesses. Up to 80% of employers report difficulties in recruiting creative employees.

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"MASK developed my habit for innovating. Since I left school, while studying chemistry in college I invented a new drug which my college intends to patent. For my ability to solve problems in a creative 'outside-box' way, I am enjoying success in my professional life.


I recently got a new job in a FTSE 100 company in Nairobi. Out of 60 candidates I "stood out" for my problem-solving skill, I was told by the company's Director of Human Resources.


I come from a small village in remote rural Kenya. Creativity empowered me beyond my dreams. Thank you, MASK!"

Hellen, 23.



MASK is a UK Charity Commission registered charity No 1128734






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MASK is a UK Charity Commission registered charity No 1128734